MOMS Club of Turnersville plans a variety of activities each month for the benefit of our members. Each month, we also plan one moms-only event. We always welcome suggestions about places our members want to go and activities our members would enjoy doing – both with the kids and without.


    Once a month, we hold a business meeting for current and prospective members. We cover club business, have a craft for the kids, sometimes have a guest speaker, and get a chance to visit with other moms. Join us at our next meeting to learn more about the club. Contact us if you’d like to attend our upcoming business meeting.

    As a MOMS Club member, you have the option to become part of a playgroup. We have playgroups for kids of all ages. Each playgroup sets the day and frequency that it meets. Some meet weekly and others once a month!

    Every month, we plan a variety of events including Park Days, Breakfast/Lunch Buddies, and trips to local museums, activity centers and farms. We also take advantage of seasonal events in the area. These are a great opportunity to meet other moms and explore the kid-friendly places near us.

    Every month we have a MOMS Night Out. While we love doing activities with our kids, sometimes we need some girl time without the kids, and the MOMS Night Out is the perfect opportunity. (Nursing infants are welcome at all our events including MOMS Night Out!) Sometimes, we meet at a members’ house (like for our annual Cookie and Ornament Exchange). Other times, we hit the town and meet at a local restaurant or relax with a mani/pedi at a local spa. What we do differs, but MOMS Night Out is always a good time!

    Each year we organize a huge event for the whole family to attend! We vote on the venue (e.g. mid-winter party or end-of-year BBQ). The specifics vary each year but may include potluck or catering, games, and raffles to benefit a local charity. It's a great opportunity to meet the husbands, and we have a great time together!

    A fun, annual activity that helps you get to know other members in the chapter that you might otherwise not get to know as well. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and then assigned a Secret Sister for whom you'll do weekly nice, thoughtful, or surprising things (keeping your identity anonymous, of course). Someone else, in turn, will be doing the same for you. At the conclusion of Secret Sister, there is a big reveal party where you both meet!

    Love to read? You may want to participate in our monthly book club. Participants rotate picking books, and then get together at a members’ house to discuss the book they read and for some mom time!

    If you love to read, but a monthly book club is a bit more than you would like, we also have a bi-monthly book club that might be more your style! Some members even join both!

    To make new members feel most welcome, we have a mentoring system in place where new moms get paired with a buddy whom they can call, ask questions of, and attend first events with. When you join the club, you will automatically be assigned a member "mentor." That mentor will try to answer any questions you have about the club and introduce you to other members!

    Helping Hands is our internal support system that helps provide dinners for moms who have just welcomed a new baby or need some extra help due to an illness or injury. In addition to dinners, we provide errand running, child care, and/or other support for any mom/family going through a stressful life circumstance.

    We have walking groups four times a month for moms and their kids to get out and enjoy some fresh air in a local park.

    A group for moms with school age children or infants who meet at a local coffee shop once a month to visit.

    We are always interested in creating new groups as an interest develops and welcome ideas from our members about new groups!

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